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Marc J

44 years old — Coccodrillo

I have always dreamed of working in Switzerland. Having management skills in the catering sector, I applied to FENG who found me an establishment to pilot in the city center of Basel. FENG accompanied me at a the technical level, in the management of the dashboards but also in the marketing of my establishment, the Coccodrillo.

Today, thanks to FENG’s strategic advice, the restaurant is always full and we will even acquire a new establishment.


Patrick A

51 years old — Éclat d’alsace

I met FENG 8 years ago through a client for whom I provided industrial cleaning services in Alsace. At that time, I had 5 employees and wanted to give a new scope to my company. FENG supported me by securing the equity of my company while providing me with a real experience; we even set up an exit agreement. Today, my company has over 400 employees cleaning many of the region’s offices, industries and hotels.

Isabelle J

52 years old — Le Verger des Châteaux Dieffenthal

Living in Paris for years but dreaming of a return to my roots, on the land of my childhood, Alsace, I wanted to return only if I could manage a project that would meet my deep aspirations combining autonomy, generosity and profitability.

I met FENG, they helped me raise funds, accompanied me on my project and allowed me to buy a hotel restaurant with 32 rooms, Les Vergers des Châteaux. The success of the establishment was such that it allowed me today to give birth to a new charming boutique hotel and develop a heaven of peace.

Yannick G

45 years old — gérant Amilbra micro brasserie artisanale

I’ve always dreamed of having my own brewery. Until now, I had a bar and wanted to move up a gear. I met FENG who was looking for the opportunity to put a pilot at the head of a traditional microbrewery in the city center.

My dream came true. FENG supported me in strategic thinking, financial management and the provision of capitals. Today, the success of the microbrewery has enabled us to buy 2 complementary businesses companies and to position ourselves as the 4th largest micro brewer in Alsace.

Arnaud B

45 years old — gérant ole-li

As a salaried sales engineer in an international industrial group, I had long been seduced by the entrepreneurial adventure and dreamed of new freedom.

What I was missing? “Flexi-security”… eg. being free but not alone with the possibility of sharing the experience and advice of real partners.

I met FENG, we co-invested in a company that met all my expectations. A relationship based on trust and the support of sharp expertise, capitals as well as (a) rigor in management.

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